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COVID-19 Vaccination with Washingtonville Pharmacy


If you have any questions about logistics, we are accepting them via email only. Please DO NOT call the store.

General Information
We will be receiving VERY small quantities of COVID-19 Vaccine. When we receive them, we will be hosting clinics to get rid of the doses in an efficient manner and POSSIBLY away from the pharmacy itself, to prevent the dramatic impact this could make on our daily operations.
Doses will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
Pharmacists may vaccinate individuals over the age of 18, 16 if it is the Pfizer vaccine.

How the whole system works with us:

Register with NYS DOH
This is only to be done when you have received confirmation from us that you are scheduled to receive a dose at our clinic.
You will have to certify SEPARATELY with NYS that you are eligible for the vaccine for your first dose.
This MUST be done for your spot to be finalized/reserved.
On the form answer YES to the question to request a confirmation email. You will need to show us the email at the clinic or forward the email to us at ahead of time.
Click this link here:

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Take Time to Answer Your Questions
After you have a confirmed appointment and the excitement has really died down, please return here and read up on the vaccine. We will have limited time available to go over basic, frequently asked questions at the vaccine clinic.
We will be receiving any one of the vaccines. Please read the 
Emergency Use Authorization, which goes over in detail common questions about the vaccine.
Click here for resources about the vaccine from the CDC. 

Prepare for Clinic Day
Please download this document which goes over what you need to bring with you to the clinic, how it will work at the clinic, and what to expect.
I can’t stress enough: 
wear a T-Shirt! We’re giving you an immunization, so plan on easy access to your upper arm (deltoid muscle).
Medicare cards MUST be the red, white, and blue Part A and B cards. We need the newer ones that DO NOT have your social security number on it.
If you are a teacher please bring proof of eligibility.

Get Vaccinated
Show up to the clinic 10 minutes early but do not get out of your car until exactly 5 minutes before your appointment to ensure optimal flow and to reduce confusion at the clinic.

Second Doses
Here’s everything we know about second doses:

  • Second Doses will be sent automatically to us
  • Second Doses are GUARANTEED to be here
  • We are only given the Second Doses for exactly the number of people we gave first doses for on that specific date
  • You MUST get your Second Dose from the exact spot you got your first one from. If that was us, that means you come back to us. That also means if you didn’t get your first dose from us, you don’t get it from us.
  • Your SECOND dose will be scheduled at your first dose appointment.
  • The Janssen / Johnson & Johnson vaccine does not require a second dose.

This means your Second Dose appointment will be for the exact same time that your First Dose appointment was.
If you do not recall what time, we cannot help track that down! Please see your confirmation email.
Here are the upcoming dates for second dose clinics:
  • 1st Dose     ->  2nd Dose

April 27 -> May 25
April 29 -> May 27
May 5 ->


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